Staff & Board

Responsibility for CAP currently lies with the Board of Directors, consisting of 6 members who are mainly local residents. All members of the Board represent the African Caribbean community.

Between all the members, there exists a wide and extensive knowledge of skills relevant to the aims and objectives of the organisation. They are all involved in community and economic development within their own job roles, and issues relating to the African Caribbean community and disadvantaged groups within the various communities living together in Smethwick today.


CAP currently has 23 members of staff that have substantial experience in community development, education and care. CAP attempts to keep a balanced workforce and so the make up of the staff demonstrates an ethnic split and a gender split, as well as varying ages. The aim here being to reach out to all members of the wider community.

Students and Volunteers

We are highly receptive to volunteers and students, and believe that through their recruitment at CAP they can gain valuable experience and skills through work based placement. We also promote continuous training, learning and development, of all members of staff, by providing a learning and development plan for each individual.

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Project supported by:

CAP Centre is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. CAP Centre works in partnership with Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council.